Sunday, July 1, 2012

How do you keep up with news?

One problem that I deal with every day is discovering interesting content.  I need to read interesting content to keep me up to date with what's happening in high tech startups and social networks.  Also I want to discover new content that expands my perspectives.  Something that I don't even know that I'm missing is what I want to find.

Despite many social readers and discovery tools, I have not found a good solution to solve my problem yet.

Ok, I'm doing my best to drink from it,
but I know I'm missing whole bunch;
how do I know I'm not missing good stuff?
There are many social news readers like Flipboard and Float.  But because volume of my daily news feed is too big to be consumed, I need social news reader that can filter my news feed and organize them by relevance.  I want to make sure that I'm getting all perspectives on topics of interest from important people that I care about.

Discovering brand new content from brand new source is a lot trickier.  Sites like StumbleUpon tries to solve this problem, but the problem is that I often get very stale or barely interesting content.  I think better way to solve this problem is to discover new interesting sources rather than trying to discover new interesting content.  People create content, and interesting people have good chance of creating interesting content, but reverse is not necessarily true.

So in absence of one news site, I rely on many sites to solve problem a la carte.

First I use Google News to get headline news.  Then I jump on LinkedIn News to get what my industry people are sharing, followed by Facebook Interests and Twitter timeline.  Then I look through Google+ to discover interesting content that I didn't know existed.  Put all together, I spend about 30-45 mins to go through them.

What is frustrating about this process is that system is not learning of my reading habit.  I'm relying on my luck of draw to keep up with massive amount of articles, and I always wonder how much I'm missing.

Does anyone else have this same problem?  What does your solution look like?


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