Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rodney Mullen: create for the joy of creating and sharing

Rodney Mullen took a stage at TEDxUSC on May 4th.  Rodney Mullen is a skateboarder.  He started out as a freestyle skateboarder back in early 1980's and won 35 out of 36 freestyle skateboarding competitions by his 23rd birthday.  He then had to reinvent himself once new street skating style obsoleted freestyle of skating.  He draws parallel of how skating tricks are invented and shared with how hacker community create and share open source projects.

The talk is very inspirational and thoroughly worth your time watching the entire clip:

Rodney shares many stories and insights.  A couple of points that sum up his inspirational talk:

1. Everyone brings individual perspectives.  Because our unique perspectives, our context will yield different content which can be shared back to community.

2. Creator cannot be a defender of past #1 title.  You have to be motivated by the joy of creating new things and seeing how it sparks other creative processes in your community.


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  2. Thank you for kind word, Jonathan. I think there are lot of thoughtful and interesting authors out there. It's just that they are not getting discovered by right people. It's a problem worth solving.