Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Google I/O 2012: tablet and glasses

Google had its first day of Google I/O 2012 today.  As rumors suggested Google launched its first tablet Nexus 7 running on the latest Android 4.1 code-named Jelly Bean.  It's priced at $199 for 8 GB storage and features 7 inch (diagonally) screen with 1280x800 resolution and front camera.

All of sudden tablet market is getting even more crowded with Microsoft Surface and Google Nexus 7.  With low price point of Google Nexus 7, it will put pressure on Amazon Kindle Fire price (note that Kindle Fire does not have camera and comes with 6 GB of storage with 1024x600 resolution.

It will be interesting to see how Microsoft prices its Surface tablet.  Because it features dual camera and larger 10.6 inch screen with full blown Windows OS, it is not expected to be lower end tablet like Google Nexus or Kindle Fire.  But in order to gain market share away from iPad, Microsoft may choose to lose money and price Surface closer to $200 range than $500.

Now that we are mid way into 2012, tablet market is all of sudden very well populated with really big players jumping in to the market.  Note that number of tablet sales is projected to be more than desktop PCs by 2013.  With $200 price point, we can all see this won't be too distant future.  In fact we may get there earlier in 2013 than later.

There was another big launch on the first day of Google I/O 2012.  It was Google Glasses.  Google Glasses is a wearable device that is mounted on pair of glasses, and lets you share real-time photos, look up data, and super-impose projected images on to physical reality.  Check out the surprise demo (and don't miss the fist pump by Sergey Brin at the end):

People are starting to talk about Google Glasses being a category creating product just like iPad was.  What do you think?

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