Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Salesforce += BuddyMedia

Even before ink is dry on Oracle acquisition of Vitrue last Wednesday, there is another report of social media marketing company getting acquired by bigger fish.  Salesforce looks to be in its final stage of acquiring Buddy Media for over $800 million.  All Things D reported that Salesforce was a winner in competitive bidding war with Google.

Out of major social media marketing platform providers, Vitrue (Oracle), Context Optional (Adobe), and Buddy Media (Salesforce) have been picked up in the past 12 months.  This would leaves Involver, Wildfire, Syncapse and Shoutlet.  I would think that Google and other big email marketing players are looking to pick up social media marketing platform in the near future.

Given heightened awareness around Facebook, all these activities confirms that big companies are seeing opportunities to go after social media marketing as yet another marketing channel.  This is great news for everyone in social media space, as I blogged earlier.

I think we are still in early stage of social media marketing maturity cycle.  There is still a room for social media marketing solution that goes beyond traditional marketing team and letting everyone become their own marketers, just like how Google Adwords created a market place for search display ads.

And of course new social networks like Pinterest, Path and Tumblr will keep all of social media marketing tools  on their toes to constantly catch up and respond.

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