Monday, May 21, 2012

Microsoft Fuse Labs:

Microsoft is one of the Facebook investors.  It has about $1.36 billion equity in Facebook (after today's disappointing trading, it should be less than that).  Learning from Facebook's success, it looks like Microsoft is also quietly announced that they are expanding public beta program of (it reads 'social'), their education-focused social network.  It has been doing closed beta since last year, and it's ready to test out its research project with larger audience. splash screen;
pop quiz - how many hands?
According to FAQ, Microsoft says that it's not meant to replace social network giants like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others.  But it's pretty clear that Microsoft is interested in social search and ways to offer comparable social experience to Google and Google+. accounts are available as invitation only, and it looks like some users got invites to log in to take a look around based on questions users are posting to its GetSatisfaction site.  I haven't yet received invite.  I will share my comments once I get first-hand experience.

From the initial look, Microsoft is emphasizing social search results sharing feature in  As you search on Bing, you can create a scrapbook on topic of interest and share that idea with friends on  It also says video chatting is available within, which looks to be similar to Google+ Hangout.

I'm curious to know if anyone thinks that there is a room for another social layer.  Will you be on

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