Friday, May 18, 2012

Facebook, Twitter and DNT

It should be no news to anyone that Facebook went IPO today.  In spite of much anticipated IPO debut, Facebook hardly budged from original price of $38.  It will be interesting to see how Facebook can maintain its market cap once underwriting banks stop propping the stock price.

Out of many analysts' reporting, one of the Facebook news was class action lawsuit brought by Facebook users seeking $15 billion.  It alleges that Facebook has been tracking user behavior even after user leaves Facebook site.

What was interesting to see was Twitter's positioning on user privacy.  Twitter made a tweet from their official Twitter handle yesterday that they are now supporting Do Not Track as proposed by FTC earlier this year.

It's interesting to see the different paths being followed by Facebook and Twitter.  Facebook is all about real identity.  Its Terms of Use describes and mandates that all users must use their real name, hence single identity per user.  On the other hand Twitter is all about pseudonym and multiple identities.  Twitter encourages people to create multiple Twitter handles and use them to express different persona.  No real identity is required.  Even if you are dog, as long as you know how to type and how to follow people, you can create Twitter account and start building your Klout score.

Will it be Facebook with +900 million user identities and privacy concern, or Twitter with +200 million accounts and clearer privacy control?  Jury is still out.  According to E-Poll Market Research, Twitter has long way to go in winning user's trust.

Twitter comes in last on trustworthiness out of 5 major social media;
one of challenges Twitter need to solve before going IPO.

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