Saturday, April 14, 2012

Transplant entrepreneurs

Here's what I love about Silicon Valley.  It's full of people with dreams.  I don't think there is anything special about people who live in this area.  I don't think there are disproportionately more people with dreams in the valley.  But it's about the environment and tools that allow those dreamers to take a shoot at realizing their dreams.

Tim Draper was one of speakers at Blackbox;
congratulation and best of luck to all Blackbox graduates! was one of such tools.  It's a bit unique in that it's focused on bringing entrepreneurs from all around the world and connecting them with local VCs and mentors.  Foreign entrepreneurs fly in for two weeks of intense networking and mentoring sessions from leading figures in the valley.

Blackbox had its second graduates this week, and had demo day party last night.  I found out about it via Robert Scoble's Google+ post last Wednesday, and decided to stop by.  I have to love the fact that I'm so close to events like this.  At the demo party, I saw many talented people who traveled from many corners of the world.

I love the idea.  I think our advantage is our culture and environment.  Culture that allows everyone to value their ideas and give them a chance to pursue, and environment where financial and human capitals are abundant.  That is what's putting Silicon Valley in the map of entrepreneurs' top-place-to-visit list.

That's why I feel it is so important to protect our culture and environment.  A few things that threaten our environment are short-sighted regulation like SOPA, ineffectual software patent system, and others.  We have to make sure that we maintain our competitive advantage that attracts talents.

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