Tuesday, April 3, 2012

littleBits: power of abstraction

Fred Wilson shared littleBits TED talk on his blog today.  Without further due, let me embed the video.  It's short, about 5 and half minutes, and interesting:

In a nutshell, littleBits is a LEGO block for electronic circuit.  The idea is a simple yet very powerful one.  When you encapsulate a set of complex ideas into simpler logical block, you can think in terms of building blocks.  No longer you will be thinking about what's inside each block, instead you'll be able to think in terms of building blocks to create something big.

Hiding details is what's allowing you to scale.  When you know what each block does, you can build big things without getting lost in details.  Code refactoring, Object Oriented Programming and Interfaces are all examples of hiding details.

Anyone who's looking to scale can learn from littleBits.

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