Thursday, April 26, 2012

LinkedIn iPad app: iPad is not a bigger iPhone

LinkedIn launched their new iPad app yesterday.  I had a few minutes to play around with it, and I like it.  LinkedIn has spent time thinking about how iPad users are using tablet, and what LinkedIn users are looking for when they open the iPad app.

From calendar with participants mapped to LinkedIn users
to who viewed my profile, new LinkedIn
iPad app has something for everyone.
When I use tablet, I am rarely in my upright sitting position.  I pick up my iPad and go slouch on my couch or climb on to my bed leaning against headboard.  Tablet is a preferred device for consuming content.  It's a perfect reading and browsing device.  And LinkedIn demonstrates that they understand how tablet is different from smartphone.  Smartphone is for messaging.  Tablet is for reading and browsing.  Contrast that with Facebook iPad app, you'll see the difference in LinkedIn's approach.

There are some rough edges, however.  Some characteristics of Version 1.0 product were sluggish response to scrolling when browsing list of connections with new positions and back button not working consistently.  But these are something you would expect from newly released app.  Considering it is completely redesigned application, it's quite understandable.  I'm sure LinkedIn will release quick successive updates in coming weeks to improve their V1.0 product shortcomings.

As I find more interesting content from my LinkedIn News, this new LinkedIn iPad app has all the potential to become the app for my curated news source.

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