Friday, March 2, 2012

Zynga's own social platform

Yesterday Zynga announced that they will start offering games on  Announcement included that Zynga will provide popular games, such as Cityvill, Farmville and Words with Friends on their website with social elements.  You'll be able to play with no only your friends but also other social gamers who are looking for quick and easy social game play. will let people play with other gamers
From Zynga's perspective this is an important step to gain an independent platform that they control.  Zynga has built their fortune on top of Facebook social platform, and Facebook has also enormously benefited from Zynga's huge success.  Now that Zynga is getting traded publicly and needs to control its own destiny, creating a social gaming platform of its own makes good sense.

Interesting thing is to see how will be received by current and future gamers.  Because most of users are on Facebook, it makes little sense for Zynga to launch exclusive games for platform.  At the same time, Zynga must think of a way to draw people into their platform and make it sticky for those gamers to come back to play at their site if this launch were to be meaningful.

From Facebook we've seen that personal relationship and social graph were the main drivers for explosive growth.  Without personal relationship aspect, Zynga may have difficult time to build the user base on  But then you can also argue Zynga has fueled the initial ramp up at Facebook by attracting users to play simple and easy social games.  Whatever happens, it's clear that Facebook and Zynga are trying to become more independent of each other.

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