Sunday, March 4, 2012

YouTube: a new way to discover what to watch

In our living room we have a TV, but it's rarely on.  Part of it is because of my wife's no TV policy for my two and half year old boy.  Yet I don't feel as I'm missing much by not having a cable TV.  One big reason why I don't feel the need is that I get most of my video content from YouTube.  Facebook news feed shows me YouTube links that my friends are sharing, and I click to watch the video clip.
New YouTube layout showcasing content
When I look at my wife, I see the same pattern.  She searches for what she wants to watch, and watch them online.  You get much more interesting content that way.  Not only you get to find educational content around the topic that you are interested in but also you can get often find in-depth interview with speaker whom you just watched the video of.

YouTube is changing the way we watch video.  And Google knows it.  YouTube is making a push to simplify their UI and making ambitious moves to be a global broadcasting network with its own original programs.

As price of hand-held computer drops, computing device will become coupled with all TVs on everyone's living room.  This means everyone will expect fast and seamless experience of searching and curating content from interesting sources, just like they are able to do it in front of their personal computers.  It will demand, however, different UI/UX paradigm because users are farther away from screen and mouse navigation is not the most intuitive way to interact with interface on larger screen.

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