Monday, March 26, 2012

Product Management: Data-driven PM on Prezi

One of the sessions that I missed at SVPCamp last Saturday was a session called Data-Driven Product Management by Ritu Narayan, Group Product Manager at eBay.  I got to see the presentation today.  It was interesting in two aspects.

First was her material.  Many product managers tend to be not as methodical about metrics as sales and marketing.  I think it's partly because of most PMs grow into the job and don't have necessary background to start data-driven process.  It could also be in part because of PMs are already overloaded with doing market research, defining a product, coordinating with engineering, releasing the product and enabling internal/external members on the product.  Whatever the case may be establishing these metrics will be a good thing to have especially as organization starts to scale.

I don't know whether Ritu referenced the book, Data-Driven Marketing by Mark Jeffery.  But from scanning the presentation, there were lot of overlaps with the book.

Second was her presentation style.  Before I go further, let me share the presentation that Ritu put together:

I saw Prezi slideshow a couple of times earlier from Ted presentations.  I didn't know it was created using Prezi until today.  The idea of Prezi is simple yet really powerful one: Provide continuity of presented material by showing transition animation and make all areas of slide zoomable.  Zooming with smooth transition is powerful because user can maintain the spatial relationship between new and old screen.  This zooming with smooth transition has been used meticulously on iPhone UX.

I first saw this power of zoomable interface from Ken Perlin's talk.  Ken is a Computer Science Professor at NYU Media Research Lab.  Among many accomplishments, he worked on the original Tron back in 1982 as System Architect at Mathematical Applications Group, Inc.  I think it was 1997 when I saw him at a talk.  He was demonstrating number of animation ideas with his Java applets.  You can see all of the applets at his website still.

If you look at his applet showing interesting way to navigate website using zoomable component, you'll see the power of zoomable interface.  Prezi may have gotten their inspiration from Ken.


  1. Ritu is a 'she' not a 'he'. 

  2. Thanks for pointing it out, Dipock.  Corrected.

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