Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How do you discover your news?

There are many sources of information.  Yet not all sources are created equal.  Some sources give you breaking news, while others don't.  Some sources have better coverage than others in certain topics.  Some are created by media companies, while others are authored and curated by crowd.  Because there are so much richness in available sources, we have to rely on our sources and curators to filter out signals from noises.

These days I find myself getting my news from three different types.

1. Online news outlet i.e. Google News

2. News media such as NPR, WSJ, NYTimes, Times, Newsweek, Forbes, Fast Company

3. Social media such as Twitter, LinkedIn News, LinkedIn Groups, Facebook Interest
You cannot trust all information you found online
as Abraham Lincoln had famously said
Once I find a topic that interests me, I then drill down a bit to find out more about the topic by Googling keywords.  It often includes searching for relevant YouTube clips to see if there is any quick video clip.  More often than not, I'm finding many YouTube channel about topic that I am looking for.

I still rely heavily on mass news media to get most of my news.  But when it comes to discovering news, that is, finding something that I might be interested, I use social media to find out.  Especially I found myself using more LinkedIn News and Groups to discover note-worthy content recently.

I think the reason is that LinkedIn is thought of as business network.  Because business network requires career interest and work history, LinkedIn users accept the fact that they have to share their work background.  LinkedIn has done well to utilize this career information to build interest group around topic.  

Just today I discovered an interesting product management blog run by Teresa Torres via LinkedIn Pivotal PM Group.  She had started blogging November 2011, and had many insightful posts that many product managers can draw lessons from.  Hope she continues on to share many more thoughtful articles.

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