Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Social media is lifting all boats

Yesterday I talked about how anticipating the market is critically important in creating highly successful product.  One example is social media.  It's not Facebook driving the social media trend.  Instead it's younger generation and mobile workers who are driving the market.  Facebook was in the market at the right time as the most compelling product to become the biggest platform.

This social media trend is lifting all boats.  MySpace, the early winner in social media market, has been in decline for the past few years.  But with new ownership and focus on niche market, it's now starting to grow again.  It's the case of market growing and more people demanding contextual network where people can share information with like-minded people.

As I wrote earlier, I expect more social media sites to become larger and social network sites to be even more fragmented.  Social media market will continue to grow, and this will force enterprise to adopt the social media.  We are yet to see this big disruption in enterprise, and it will create a huge market for existing collaboration tools and social media companies.


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