Friday, February 24, 2012

Product Management: Take risks

In order to see a problem worth solving, you first have to put yourself in the user's shoes.  Once you can feel the user's pain, then you are ready to come up with your own solution.  Come up with a way to solve the problem.  Don't consult with user when you come up with a solution.  User knows the pain, but not the solution.  If you have truly become the user, you'll see how your solution will either work or will not work.  Only if you have a clear idea of how your solution will solve user's problem, talk to your user.  User is there to give binary answer, yes or no.  Either your solution will work for them, or it won't.

When coming up with your solution, take risks.  Smallest risk that you can take is thinking outside the box when you are coming up with your own solution.  Medium risk that you can take is not talking to user to check whether solution that you have will work for them.  Biggest risk that you cannot afford to take is not feeling the pain and putting yourself in user's perspective.  If you don't do the last one, you are either not solving the problem worth solving or framing the problem in wrong way.

First understand the problem, then take risks.

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