Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pinterest: social photo discovery site

Have you heard of Pinterest?  Are you on Pinterest?  I started to hear about them a few weeks ago, and their mention spiked around the last couple of weeks.  So I decided to give it a try, and see it for myself what the fuss was about.

Pinterest is a social photo discovery site with clean design;
If you felt Facebook is too complex and doesn't have enough product photos  to browse,
Pinterest is design just for you
One line description of Pinterest is a social photo sharing site with design sensibility.  What Pinterest got going for it is its clean design and easy way for new user to get started (what I would call on-boarding process).

It's just been a few days since I have signed on to Pinterest, but I think there are something fundamentally appealing about the site.

1. It's really simple to understand.  You sign on and browse photos on topics of your interest.  If you find something of interest, you pin them to your board to create your own space.
2. It's beautiful to look at.  Especially those photos recommended through on-boarding process are of magazine quality and aesthetically pleasing images.
3. It's easy to consume visual data.
4. The bar is really low for users to create their own space through pinning photos of interest.

I think there are many things going for Pinterest.  If it weren't the case, there won't be as many copycat sites popping up.

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