Wednesday, February 29, 2012

fMC NYC 02.29

Facebook had its first marketing conference (fMC) in NYC today.  As Facebook gets ready to become a publicly traded company, they are starting to showcase their marketing platform to not just marketers but potential investors around the world.  Facebook is going directly for the online advertisement market that Google has been dominating for past decade with AdWords.

Overall fMC sessions were built around two major enhancements: Timeline for Business Page and Enhanced  Page Insights.

1. Timeline for Business Page

Timeline that tells life story to your Profile Page visitors is now becoming available to Business Page.  Facebook showcased several examples during Pages Breakout session.  Timeline for Business Page will be rolled out to all Business Pages by March 30th.  It's almost identical to your personal Profile Page Timeline except that Facebook now added 'pin to the top' option (I won't guess where this 'pin' action came from) and a Business Page admin screen where all engagement data is available in one view.

Watch live streaming video from fbmarketingtalks at

2. Enhanced Page Insights

Facebook also made enhancements on old Facebook Page Insights.  It has added many interesting data such as unique user engagement (number of users who interacted with post, such as clicking, viewing video, liking, commenting, sharing, etc.), users talking about (liking, commenting, sharing and answering question)  and virality index (ratio of users talking about the post to all visitors who saw the post on their news feed).  They have also improved their engagement graphs to show how engagement fluctuation may be related to number of posts made on the Page.

Click to see the tutorial of enhanced Page Insights

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